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Modern houses are fabricated with efficiency as a goal. But that also means they’re solidly sealed and can have stale air without much movement.

With appropriate ventilation, your house can dodge mildew, allergen increases and other air quality problems. Correct ventilation also helps air out severe odors, like cooking smells or tobacco smoke.

While opening a window can make a difference for a time, it isn’t useful in every season. It can also be challenging if anyone in your home deals with allergies.

Lennox® home ventilation systems in Huntsville, Alabama , have an energy-efficient solution: changing out stale indoor air with new outdoor air. They’re crafted to pair with any home comfort system. Plus, they don’t produce any ozone, a toxic gas that can inflame your lungs.

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3 Red Flags that Show Your Space Might Need a Ventilation System

There are a few indications you need house ventilation, such as:

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1. Ever-present odors

If you have issues getting potent aromas out of your home, you likely have a ventilation concern.

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2. Musty air

The air in your rooms should be fresh, but stuffy spots mean you could have issues with ventilation. 

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3. Built up dust

Dust can build up more often in areas with poor air movement.

Types of Ventilation Systems

There are two kinds of ventilation systems—heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and energy recovery ventilation (ERV).

Each one is best for new homes or remodeled homes with energy improvements, but are designed with different climates in mind.

Regions with a huge range of weather patterns, like the Midwest, can get value from each system. Contact us for additional information about which system is the best fit for Huntsville.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

HRV functions best in chillier climates. It ejects air from your space, switching it out for fresh air from outside your home.

As an energy-efficient benefit, it keeps the heat from your indoor air. That way, you don’t have to pay to warm fresh (but chillier) air from outside.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

ERV is ideal for warm, humid environments. It sucks the heat and moisture out of your home’s air and sends it outside. This lets you keep the best humidity levels in your home. Balanced humidity can keep your home more comfortable and cause you to use your air conditioning less frequently—saving you more money on cooling bills.

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